2nd B-CAPP Meeting in Croatia

Last Wednesday the 20th, a B-Capp meeting took place in beautiful Rijeka. The FyG team got the opportunity to travel to Croatia in order to discuss some of the most important key points, like Intellectual outputs, Dissemination, Quality or Financial Overviews, from such interesting project like this.

The reunion, which took place at PAR offices, was attended by each and every one of the countries participating in the consortium. Organizations from France, UK, Greece, Italy, Spain, Romania and, of course, Croatia were present in a debate that lasted all day.

After a brief opening session in which Mr Amghar (ECAM – EPMI) welcomed all the attendants to the event, the B-CAPP project activities overview started. In this section, partners had the opportunity to give feedback, both positive and negative about the different activities developed until date, as well as establishing deadlines for future deliveries.

The first Intellectual Output was also presented and with it CIVIC provided an example of Genie, so that all partners have a clear overview of the main structure to be developed. In this context, Genie uses a first layer with general questions about the user in order to create a personalized profile and a second layer with more specific questions about the modules, in order to suggest a strategy that fits to this profile.

The project meetings were also addressed, in this case to be held in Milan within the first two weeks of October and the LTTA to be held in Valencia, Spain, instead of Piatra, Romania, during the first two weeks of April 2019. These issues are agreed upon partners but are yet to be confirmed by the French Agency.

Dissemination was also addressed, specially the main activities to be done by each partner and the results to be achieved in order to increase the impact of the project.

About the quality results overall, the feedback is positive, since most of the partners agree or strongly agree upon the high quality of the management and coordination, the communication among partners and the quality of the deliverables.

The financial overview was used in order to clarify some of the partners doubts about the timesheets delivery and deadlines.

In conclusion all partners have now a clear overview of the project activities to be done from now on. An online meeting within July will be organized in order for all partner to inform about their progress or any difficulties with regards to IO1/A5.

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