BRAVE – Valencia LTTA (11.06 – 15.06)

One of the exciting projects that the Erasmus + program or European Commission fund is the Brave Project! This project offers a concrete, specific and visible solution to facilitate access to training and employment for the integration/reintegration of unemployed adults in the labor market.

The project aims to empower unemployed adults who have difficulties in finding a new employment because of the increasingly specialized skills required by the market. To this end, BRAVE developed specific learning paths supporting adults to reconsider their life and expectations and to become aware of their own professional ambitions and objectives, as a way to reach their own personal fulfilment. The learning path will be focused both on personal and social skills and on entrepreneurial skills, finalized to the prototyping of participants’ business models. The project will provide skills at every level tailored on the new requisites demanded (basic, transversal & soft skills, entrepreneurial, foreign language & digital skills).

We can proudly say that the BRAVE project was held in Valencia and FYG Consultores is one of the organizers of this training. With passion and motivation, many people have worked on this project, with the result of this beautiful but also instructive training being developed.

During 5 days approximately 31 participants from 6 different countries (Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Cyprus and Spain) have participate in this training with the aim to develop themselves and increase their chances on the labor market. In addition to the participants from different countries, they also have different backgrounds to work experience. In this way the participants could complement and reinforce each other during the training sessions with the knowledge and skills that each possessed.

The motivated experts who provide the training had 5 days to give different topic about the skills needed in the contemporary labor market. The project provided skills at every level tailored on the new requisites demanded:

  • Basic
  • Transversal
  • Soft skills
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Foreign language
  • Digital skills

The training consisted of a part theory and a part practice, in this way the participants not only received information, but also learnt the application of it. We hope to have achieved participants self-confidence, awareness, proactiveness and satisfaction towards one’s own future and increase wishes and opportunities in their career.

We are sure it has been an inspiring week, full of beautiful moments, where young and old, from photographer to engineering, could share knowledge, learnt from each other and enjoyed the week in the picturesque Valencia.

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