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On 3rd of May and 29th of June of 2017 took place two Multiplier Events devoted to the Gamify project in Valencia (Spain) organized by FyG Consultores. The main aim of the Gamify Your Teaching project is to support professional development of vocational competences of teachers and trainers of entrepreneurship and to enhance ICT teaching through an innovative pedagogy and approach to teaching with the use of gamification. To achieve this aim, the project puts forward two general objectives:

  • to create and test of simulation game with practical elements covering 7 entrepreneurship subject areas
  • to create and test methodology (didactic materials for Teachers) of teaching entrepreneurship with the use of the gamification


Along with University Students, Entrepreneurs and SME owners interested in innovation, management and entrepreneurship, the Gamify multiplier meetings were held with the assistance of AJEV president and associate of the organization and company leaders experienced on the entrepreneurial process. The events were attended in total by 50 people who left the room with new ideas and intentions to use GAMIFY gamification environment in the future.

FyG Consultores prepared a dynamic conference and a workshop in which the participants were able to find out more about the use of gamification in teaching and business in general, about the specific perks of the project in concrete and get familiar with Gamify environment. FyG Consultores explained the functionality of innovative learning tool with modules and didactic materials. The Multiplier Event participants were informed about the roles of a player and actively learning and practice that can be achieved with a use of Gamify risk-free environment and how this thought processes can easily be transferred from the simulated game to class. As the attendants were regular users of this type of learning games or people which very totally new in a use of gamification, the use of Gamify was a very interesting offer to them. For this reason, many of the users will consider Gamify for their future use or to promote them in every possible environment. Also, having the opportunity to explain and contrast the opportunities that Gamify offers to and audience who was already experienced with entrepreneurship was a positive outcome as it allowed the session to be highly dynamic even from the start. The questions proposed were more direct and concrete, the interest in the project was real, and the willingness to try out the game was evident from the beginning of the event, not only at the end.

At the end of the event there was a tim


e for discussion on the main benefits of the importance of ICT-based teaching methods for entrepreneurship; Participants also shared their own experience with relation to their previous use of gamification.

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