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 Frida Kahlo not just an artist

Great female artists have hardly been known in society because women in art have not been sufficiently researched, appreciated, or recognized by society despite their talent.

There are certain exceptions that women have been valued for their talent and their name has endured through history, such as Frida Kahlo.

Frida was a Mexican painter who was highly recognized for her art and expressionism, where she mirrored the dramatic events of her life that she remembered with great sensitivity. One of these events was an accident at the age of 18 that kept her at rest for a long time, the period during which she started to paint and express her thoughts and feeling through art.

Even though society has not previously valued the talent of other women unless they belonged to influential social classes, as is the case with Natalia Goncharova or Berthe Morisot, Frida Kahlo was recognized without belonging to an influential class, but for being a woman with revolutionary political ideas for the time. She was a popular activist and even participated in politics in the Communist Party, a great defender of feminism and the indigenous population.

Although her works were groundbreaking in expressing an image of a liberated, strong, and revolutionary woman, it can also appreciate a clear theme of sadness and pain.

A relevant fact was that in her first exhibition, she was ill, and the doctors advised her not to attend, but despite this, she installed a bed in the middle of the exhibition, where she rested, sang, and encouraged the exhibition.

Frida has been mentioned in musical works, paintings, and films such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Scar Tissue, a song dedicated to Frida. Moreover, there is a museum dedicated to her, that is called Casa Azul Museo Frida Kahlo, exclusively with her paints.

In conclusion, Frida Kahlo has been one of the few women that society that has been recognized for her talent thanks to 47 years of life full of struggle and defense of ideas without fear of consequences or repression.

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