How to use gamification to increase productivity?

Gamification influences your intrinsic motivation, which is motivation that is driven by internal rewards. With the help of game elements it is possible to positively influence the human behaviour and their intrinsic motivation. The goal of influencing intrinsic motivation is to make sure that someone performs the desired tasks or behaviour with pleasure.  And performing a task with pleasure will ensure more employee productivity. (Cherry, 2016)
A good strategy to find out what kind of gamification to use is; to focus on the behaviour of your employees and reward them for the things they do correctly that will motivate them to do even better. But also give feedback if they could do something better. (Burghardt, 2013)
Using a game to improve employee productivity, a game will make the work more enjoyable and it is easier to learn by doing. Games will ensure employees are not only getting an end result but learning every step of the game. As well as getting a reward/certificate at the end of the game. Games can be used for training and educating, as well as to improve teamwork and communication skills as there are different types of games. (Hein, 2013)
You can also add social media as a thing that motivates employees more, as other people can see that you did/ are doing well and maybe want to improve that. A number of gamification strategies involved the results of the game or action to be posted on social media, or for the participant to share his or her score on their social media. Which in turn created more competitiveness as their ‘friends’ saw the results and wanted to improve them. And that is extrinsic motivation, motivation you get from badges, rewards and the will to win. (Chou, 2013)
A leader board can also be a good gamification tool to increase employee productivity. With the leaderboard employees can see how is performing best and employees who are not on the board will most likely work more productive because they also want to be on the leaderboard. (growthengineering, s.f.)
Gamification is different for everyone, which means that not every company will respond the same to a specific kind of gamification. One thing that is very important before starting with gamification in a company is to find out what you want to improve and what you want your employees to learn.

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