ICCI training in Italy – Matera (29.01 – 2.02)

ICCI is a European project funded by Erasmus + program of European Commission.

The project aims to train the Creative and Cultural Industries sector on how to internationalize its services and products, raise awareness on the need to integrate crucial skills for general management, internationalization, export strategies in cultural and creative curricula, promote national and international CCIs networks and clusters.

We are very proud and glad to be a part of ICCI Project. Looking at the creative and cultural industry from the business perspective is difficult but at the same time very appealing and inspiring.

In Italy – Matera together with 7 partners we were leading the training for 30 participants from Romania, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Estonia and Germany. All profiles were very interesting and it was a pleasure for us to work with people that have experience as a freelance producer, cultural designer, photographer, moviemaker, stage director, furniture designer, actor and playwright.

We as an expert we could talk about Internationalisation many hours and share our experience in order to facilitate the understanding of the process. During the whole week, we discussed and shared our feedback about topics related to Internationalisation such as:

  • Benefits and Motives
  • Intellectual property and assets
  • Legal and privacy aspects
  • Triggers, barriers, risks and timing
  • Choosing and defining the right market
  • Marketing and networking
  • Intermediaries and CCIs

Every day our participants received materials with information and at the same time we took care of the practical part. Activities that we prepared were adapted to the needs and expectations of the participants. The main goal was to share our knowledge, enjoy the training, gain new experience and encourage them to take an action related to Internationalisation.

Matera as European Capital of Culture 2019 was a magnificent choice for this training – everyone could explore lovely places, learn about creative and cultural industry surrounded by very inspired participants.

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