Internationalization: why is so important?

The current international economic reality is characterized by its dynamics and requires from companies a broad vision of their economic strategies. Economic globalization becomes indispensable if it comes to company’s viability and competition on the world markets. Yet, due to the international pressure, it gets harder for competitors, suppliers and clients to access those markets from the outside.

Nowadays internationalization has become one of the key elements of a good functioning of a firm as well as its future perspectives. In order for a company to be competitive at a local level, it is crucial to be such on the international level. And on contrary, internationalization hardly appears if the company is not competitive within borders of its own country.


Internationalization appears to be tightly related to the problem of competitiveness before the external firms. Current international economic environment is getting each time more dynamic and global. That is why the entrance to the foreign market also requires a thorough analysis of the own county’s and other national companies position in respect to the international competition.

The main reasons why internationalization is a good choice:

  • It grants a true independence from the local market business cycles
  • Permits to access a broader market
  • Helps to improve a general company’s image
  • Enhances productive capacity
  • Diminishes costs by virtue of enhancing productive efficiency

However, sometimes it might become quite complicated for small and medium size companies to understand tendencies of world’s economy when trying to take advantage of new commercial opportunities, a decision to internationalize corresponds to a will of growing. In this sense, company’s size does not has to be a barrier on its way to expand far beyond the national territory.

Internationalisation can be a fantastic opportunity for your company. It is an important issue that you should consider from the very beggining when launching your business. As so, we invite you to have a look at:, an innovative training course for the internationalization of the startups that will serve as a guide to solve the special needs for startup and entrepreneurs.

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