Let’s Guide Meeting in Athens

Last July the 10th, all partners from Let’s Guide got reunited in Athens in order to take on the las meeting of the project. It’s been an honour to have participate in this adventure with such great people.

The meeting started at 9:30 in the morning, and after the participants arrival, FOXPOPULI welcomed all and presented the agenda, which developed this way.

FyG Consultores presented the progress made until that very last day. It was time to think about what went right, but also what could have been done better, in order to improve ourselves for further projects. After this each and every one of the attendant organizations presented their specific and individual results.

After the coffee break was time to show the final version of the project outputs. This way CCS introduced the platform to all the participants in order to get some feedback and discuss what could be improved. After this FyG presented the final version of the notes, that will be used as the main intellectual materials available on the platform.

The University of Maribor explained the dissemination and exploitation strategy in order to clarify any doubts the partners could have in relation to the project communication goals. The Multiplier Events, and the different results each partner had, were discussed as well right afterwards. Letting the target group and potential users know about the existence of the project is crucial in order to achieve the results planned.

ERIFO the partner in charge for the quality part of the project, explained it’s reporting and updated all partners with future actions and steps, that need to be taken, in this final lap.

The second day of the meeting was reserved for FOXPOPULI in charge of the management part. The organization introduced it’s final in order to plan the last version of the report. Afterwards ERIFO introduced the evaluation of the meeting for all the attendants to express themselves about the reunion. Lastly FyG resumed the products elaborated by the project so far and distributed the further tasks to be done in the coming months.

After two days of meetings with our partners from the Let’s Guide Project we said our goodbyes and boarded our respective flights back home. There is nothing more left to us than hope to see them in a near future, whether in other active projects as for new ones to come.

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