BRIGHT@EU is a European Project focused on the legal information and knowledge in power of the citizens in the EU. The main intention of the project is to create a basic legal training and a validation system for legal literacy in Europe, allowing citizens the access to basic legal knowledge. The project is mainly based on a five-step process including the creation of a modular curriculum in an online platform (with specific national law training for each country included in the consortium); a training course for trainers; the development of a curriculum with intercultural competences for young people; a pilot project and the dissemination of outcomes to the groups of interest.

The BRIGHT project will have benefits both for individuals and institutions.

On the one hand, it is fairly known how individuals usually lack of legal knowledge, making them depend on professionals even for minor legal issues. This situation becomes an inequality creator, differentiating those with a higher income level (capable of hiring better professionals) from those people with lower incomes who cannot afford legal assistance. In some cases this situation can even act as a blocker to justice. Learning about law basics would help as well young professionals looking to create or expand their business to other countries but scared about facing other legal systems; or people thinking about actively asserting their interests on local, national or EU level through political or civic engagement who are unsure about their potential impact.

Project Responibles
Fabián GómezCEO
Aleksandra StaszynskaProject Manager