Start-ups internationalization (SUI), a European partnership designed to identify core and innovative learning methods.

fyg_consultores_internacionalizacionNowadays more start-ups want to internationalize, creating a larger market, with more growth opportunities. But internationalization is a risky and costly decision, which have to be taken into account. But how do you prepare for such a big decision? And what steps do you have to take?

Internationalization requires advanced planning, preparing and research in order to be successful. Being prepared will give you an advantage when you are internationalizing, because you will be familiar with the European market, all the possible obstacles you will face and the process of doing business. The preparation can also improve your skills and ability to analyse whether an opportunity is worth the risk.

SUI FyG ConsultoresSUI (start-ups internationalization) project will impact start-ups, entrepreneurs, participating organizations and young people and develop innovative learning methods that best encourages success international activities. SUI will provide an online course, which will serve as a guide for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Complemented by an e-learning platform, that will work as support for trainers in face to face course and online training. SUI was created by a European partnership that has worked 2 years to create an innovative learning method.

The course is online, free, easy to use and available for all people, entrepreneurs or small businesses, a new or experienced company, the learning method stays the same. If you prepare your decision to internationalize, you will have a better understanding about internationalizing and its position within the life cycle of a business. The course will explain a lot of information about internationalization such as business models, canvas models, entry strategies, selection of markets and a marketing mix when going abroad.

sui-banner-02-940x430With the course and SUI, we wanted to provide start-ups and small businesses with a creative learning experience, so they will be prepared and feel confident so that when they start the internationalization of their company they would know what to do. We hope that SUI will be a good starting point for the internationalization of your organization.

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