Velocity Project Multiplier Event at UV

Last February 6th, 2018 a Multiplier Event took place in order to present the Velocity project at the Valencia University, the event was organized by FyG Consultores. The project’s objective is to promote the development of capacities in the field of higher education, this means the creation of a specific tool in form of a 3D scenario where users can assist to recreations of real job interviews and selection processes. This way, European citizens may be able to get familiar with the different theories and practices applied throughout Europe, avoiding the most typical mistakes due to the large number in ethic and cultural differences in the territory. Summing up, the main objectives of the project are:

  • Explore features of multicultural behaviours in interviews, as well as diverse ethnic characteristics in a simulation educational tool in order to maximize the skills and competences of Europeans,
  • Eliminate physical barriers and create equal opportunities for adults from heterogeneous ethnic backgrounds to collaborate, increase their vision and thinking, exchange ideas and commit to constructive dialogue,
  • Provide opportunities for adults in training to adapt to different work environments, and interviews,
  • Influence, motivate and provide the opportunity for interested parties to use and expand the scenarios, deliver an open, expandable and scalable virtual educational tool, in terms of functionality and learning material


We had the pleasure to introduce professors from the University of Valencia, so they could talk about it to their students. The FyG Consultores team presented the tool in a dynamic and interesting conference, where assistants got familiarized with the tool and had the chance to clear any doubt they could have.

The Multiplier Event participants were informed about the different perks of the platform, including the seven different scenarios in which the students will be able to face a personal interview, a panel interview and a group interview. This scenario will face the users with the most typical questions, along with some other tricky ones in order to familiarize them with difficult and demanding selection processes.

After the presentation, we had the chance to talk openly with the participants. After showing their interest in the project, told us they had the intention to present this tool to their students. Most of the careers in Spain, don’t count with a specific subject in order to teach most superior students the habilities enough to face selection processes in a successful way. That’s what we are trying to fix with this project, and we are on the right path to it. Hope to see you around.

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