3 efficient online tools for mentoring

Nowadays everything can be planned with technology, and you can have all the necessary information you need on your phone or laptop. There are a number of online tools that can be used for mentoring, for example a software designed especially for online mentoring, or even Facebook and Twitter can be used as online tools.

There are numerous softwares especially designed for online mentoring. With the software you will be able to use a coaching journal, so the mentor can communicate with the mentee. It is a quick method that allows you to give and receive quick feedback. The software also allows you to manage a calendar and integrate Google and Outlook. It will also enable video conversations between mentor and mentee, as well as file sharing during a conversation.

Social media is also an online tool that can be used for mentoring, it is especially useful for intergenerational mentoring (younger employees teaching mentoring older employees). As it can help the older mentees to understand social media better, but it will also help expand their network by creating a professional LinkedIn or Twitter account.

Another online tool for mentoring can be Google, not only the search engine but also Google drive and Gmail. With this combination you can communicate via Google drive and Gmail as well as adjust documents, set up meeting, search for information and use email. This online tool will make your working day more efficient, as you can use Google for many purposes.

With online mentoring tools, mentoring can take place anywhere. It can take place at home or at work, which will ensure there is no travel time or waiting lists. Therefore, it is much easier to plan a meeting between a mentor and mentee, because they can have it at any place. This form of communication is also an opportunity for more transparency and it encourages people to ask for help sooner.

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