Why is Turmeric a good business idea?

Medicinal plants are widely diverse, with dozens of different types that could be helpful for one concrete illness or need but in completely different ways at the same time. However, not all types of plants are equally used or preferred, and at the time of deciding which one should we cultivate or commercialize it would probably be better to take a look at the plants that are more demanded in the EU. For this reason, we are going to take a look at one of the most popular plants in Europe: Turmeric.

Turmeric is a southern-Asian plant, main spice in curry, considered by many as the most powerful herb at fighting diseases; it is even believed that it works better than medicinal drugs in some cases. When taking a look at its properties, these are some of them:

  • Anti-inflammatory: the most powerful effect of turmeric is its capacity to act as anti-inflammatory. According to a study by the journal Oncogene, curcumin (subtracted from turmeric) is more effective than aspirin or ibuprofen. Taking into account that inflammation is in many cases part of the cause behind several diseases, its properties turn turmeric into a very important input to bear in mind.
  • Anti-depressant: in this case there are no main proven scientific studies on humans, although there have been some attempts in which it was proven that turmeric acted as Prozac in managing depression.
  • Anti-coagulants: many of the drugs prescribed by doctors usually have side effects that are harmful for the user. However, turmeric has no known side effects, unless taken on excessive amounts.
  • Pain killer: another of the main effects of turmeric is its ability to manage pain.
  • Diabetes: turmeric helps in reducing blood sugar and reversing insulin resistance. According to a study by Auburn University, turmeric is 400 times more potent than Metformin (a diabetes drug).
  • Inflammatory bowel disease: turmeric is a good option for people with gastrointestinal problems, who in many cases get bad reactions from taking medicinal drugs.

As it can be seen, turmeric has many beneficial effects, turning it into a highly demanded product. If we match that with the fact that turmeric is still mainly imported from outside the EU, becoming an internal provider could be a great idea!

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