Digital alpha – Valencia LTTA (16.07 – 20.07)

One of the new projects the Erasmus + program or European Commission is funding is the Digital Alpha Project! The project aims for the digital alphabetization for 80 youngsters with educational difficulties and disseminating the project results through the partners networks (with its own Handbook and Assessment tool) and a Social learning platform, piloting four training Barcamps in this topic, and one workshop.

This last one took place in Valencia, Spain, from last 16th to 20th of July 2018 and was specifically developed for youngsters with educational difficulties, this meaning for persons between 18- 29 that live in a vulnerability situation, which has built an obstacle on the education path the youngster normally had to follow in the digital terrain, that can lead to further under/unemployment.

We welcomed participants from Italy, Spain, Romania and the UK, who spent five days in which they learnt the basis of the new technological modern life, this including an introduction to the use of productivity programs such as Word, Excel or Powerpoint, and other creative tools like Canva and Animoto.

We have also introduced new learning techniques such as the Lego serious play, that allowed students to break the ice and feel more participant and collaborative during the rest of the activity.

Thanks to the organization at Damià Bonet Residence, who provided a great service for all the students such as a great, spacious and modern installation for the training to take place.

It has been a week packed with theory but also many moments where the lessons learned can be carried out in practice. The most important thing is that we all learnt from one another and have been able to inspire each other.

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