EuroSTART meeting in Matera

EuroSTART is a European wide partnership designed to develop core and innovative learning methods that best encourage success in management activities for start-ups and entrepreneurs. With the innovative and creative initiative, partners intend to go further in the support of start-up and entrepreneurs, by answering the need for education and training in the field of Start-Ups Management, thanks to an innovative proposal of participative and ICT based training approach.

Target groups of the EuroSTART project are start-ups and entrepreneurs, in the first instance. As we have very wide experience related to internationalization, training addressed to Start-Ups and entrepreneurs we are more than happy to be a part of this great initiative.

Activities and training that will be designed by all partners are related to fields of 4 main competence such as:

– Business skills,

– Management skills,

– Communication skills

– Self-development skills.

Last week our team had a chance to take part in a second meeting in Matera – Italy. After a long time, we had a chance to finalize all our activities and prepare great data and materials for our meeting in May.


Attending a meeting in Matera together with other partners from Poland, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Irel and Italy we review all information from the last meeting in Valencia and presented our progress related to specific activities.


Developing the training package with other partners once again we realized how important is the experience of each of us. Individually and as a team, we give a lot of beneficial impact to the Project having in mind our target group. Start-up and entrepreneur work very similar but at the same time they can be totally different and due to that fact, we have to adapt everything to specific needs.


High-quality level of the project is essential for everyone and that is why we also analyzed very carefully Quality and Dissemination Plan.

From the other side we are very satisfied with all our results and steps that are planned to be done in the near future related to Multiplier events and all dissemination activities.


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